Prayer Challenge

I want to ask you to say this prayer out loud, if possible.

“I belong to God. I am a holy vessel because I have the Holy Spirit of the Living God. The Lord of Heaven and earth has said to me; “I declare you holy!”. I commit to start believing what He says. I AM HOLY! Remind me daily, Spirit of the Living God, to treat myself as holy, open my eyes to every scheme of The Enemy to treat me as if I'm not. You, God, are Holy. Your word is the truth. This day Father, I chose to believe you! I ask this in the mighty name of your son Jesus Christ, who died on a cross for me so that I could be a coheir to the kingdom of God. Amen”

Sunday, November 22, 2015

Psalm of the Week - 105:5 - November 22, 2015

Remember his marvelous works and his wonders. The Old Testament is full of marvelous works and wonders. 

He gave words of judgment to his prophets, who then performed marvelous works and wonders in God's name. 

Read your bible and remember what God has done for his people. Refuel your faith. Read about the many marvelous works and wonders that are recorded in the bible. 

Happy Thanksgiving! SalleeB

Verse of the Week - Mark 11:25 - November 22, 2015

As you make your way through this week of Thanksgiving gatherings, Black Friday shopping, and holiday traffic, remember to forgive others so that God will forgive you. Let go of resentments caused by family and strangers. 

Family gatherings can be VERY stressful. Are you still carrying around a resentment or two against your parents, or sibling? This would be the perfect time to forgive them. Don't carry a smouldering resentment into your Thanksgiving dinner because it may burst into a full blaze if the object of your resentment irritates you. Pray that they will reap a harvest of blessings and forgive them. Forgiveness will give you an internal serenity that comes from God. He forgives and we must forgive. 

Black Friday shopping. Where do I start? Jammed parking lots, long lines, rude encounters, and a myriad of other issues can cause resentment to start bubbling up inside. Stop resentment in its tracks with prayer and forgiveness. Say these words," There, but for the grace of God, go I." or better yet, pray the Serenity Prayer.
God grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, the courage to change the things I can, and the wisdom to know the difference. Amen.
Do not be a road rage Christian - practice patience and tolerance towards strangers who are driving a vehicle. You cannot change how those drivers are driving. I know how tempting it is to voice an opinion about someone's driving, especially when it looks like they are two inches away from the rear of your car. Pray for them. Ask the Lord to intervene for you. Resentment and anger will do nothing except cause you to separate yourself from your faith. 

Forgiveness will bring serenity, peace, and a closer relationship with God. Let Thanksgiving weekend be a time of forgiveness. Enter into the holiday season with rejoicing because you are a child of God and have received forgiveness.  
                         Have a blessed and joyful Thanksgiving! SalleeB 

Sunday, November 15, 2015

Verse of the Week - Mark 11:24 - November 15, 2015

Disciple's Prayer Life
A couple of years ago, I participated in a bible study entitled, Disciple's Prayer Life - Walking in Fellowship with God by T.W. Hunt and Catherine Walker. Week 1 of the study listed four reasons why God answers prayer:
  1. The prayer acknowledges God.
  2. The prayer is supported by the intercession of Jesus through his priesthood.
  3. The prayer is supported by the intercession of the Holy Spirit.
  4. The prayer comes from one who is related to God and Christ.
Jesus was instructing his disciples in Mark 11. 
Therefore, this biblical promise is supported by the intercession of Jesus through his priesthood. Additionally, as a child of God and heir to the kingdom (Romans 8:17), we are related to God and Christ. Plus, we were given the Holy Spirit who intercedes for us. (Acts 15:8)

In conclusion, God will answer our prayers based on the principles above IF it is in his time and plan for us.

Psalm of the Week -105:3-4 - November 15, 2015


Lord of all
Over all creation
Reveling in his holy name
Yahweh is good all the time


Revel in his love
Enjoy his protection and care
Joy leaps in the hearts of those who praise him
Overwhelming happiness to belong to him
Infinite mercy for those who seek him
Calling on his strength 
Elohei Ma'uzzi - God of my strength


Strength is freely given to seekers by
Elohei Tehillati, God of my praise and
Elohei Mikkarov, my God who is near and dear
Keeping my face focused toward Him who lives inside me. 

Sunday, November 8, 2015

Verse of the Week - 1 Samuel 12:23 - 8 November 2015

The History of Samuel
Samuel was the spiritual leader of Israel and God's prophet for years. When the people decided they wanted a king, he reluctantly presented the desire of the people to God. 

God was the king of Israel, but the tribes of Israel had made up their minds that an earthly king and government was needed to protect them against foreign kings

Wow, I am amazed at the small amount of faith that the tribesmen had in the God who delivered them from Egypt, the king of Moab, and the Philistines. However, God went ahead and gave them what they wanted, an earthly king.  Samuel obediently anointed Saul as the king of Israel.

Samuel represented God to the people and he was a righteous man. Samuel told his people in his farewell speech (1 Samuel 12) that he would not sin against the Lord by not praying for them. In fact, he said he would teach them the good and right way.Therefore, he continued to do his best for the people, even when they rejected the kingship of God, and demanded an earthly king. 

Psalm of the Week - 34:11 - November 8, 2015

Fear of the Lord does not mean "I am afraid" fear, but reverential awe. 
I had these two meanings for fear confused inside my head for a long time. During my childhood, I was well acquainted with "I am scared to death" fear. Maybe this is why I missed the fact that God loves me and when bible verses say to "fear the Lord" it means to stand in awe of God. 

Standing in Awe of God
During a motorcycle trip through the Great Smoky Mountains National Park, I experienced how it feels to stand in awe of God. The incident happened in a scenic view pull off where I was the only visitor. 

After shutting my Harley off, I just sat there and looked at the sunlit, silent, blue-purple mountains that surrounded me. Clusters of pink azalea blossoms were scattered haphazardly down the mountain sides. Gradually I became aware of the absolute stillness that surrounded me. The only sound to be heard was the metallic popping of the cooling exhaust pipes on my bike  A deep feeling of sheer awe at the indescribable beauty and majestic stillness of the untouched mountains infused my whole being. 

"Thank-you God for creating such beauty!" was out of my mouth, spoken aloud, before I even knew I was going to say it. Tears flowed down my cheeks as I was overcome with reverence and awe at the magnificent beauty that our heavenly father creates.

My Country Tis of Thee
The second verse of the hymn, "My Country Tis of Thee" expresses some of what I felt that day while I sat on my motorcycle and absorbed the scenic impact of the Smoky Mountains:

"I love thy rocks and rills,
Thy woods and templed hills;
My heart with rapture thrills
Like that above."   
Satan the Deceiver
Do not let Satan convince you that God the Father, the Creator of All, is scary; or that you should be afraid of God. Biblical fear mean reverence of Him, reverence for all He has created, and awe at the sheer gloriousness that He cared to create you.