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I want to ask you to say this prayer out loud, if possible.

“I belong to God. I am a holy vessel because I have the Holy Spirit of the Living God. The Lord of Heaven and earth has said to me; “I declare you holy!”. I commit to start believing what He says. I AM HOLY! Remind me daily, Spirit of the Living God, to treat myself as holy, open my eyes to every scheme of The Enemy to treat me as if I'm not. You, God, are Holy. Your word is the truth. This day Father, I chose to believe you! I ask this in the mighty name of your son Jesus Christ, who died on a cross for me so that I could be a coheir to the kingdom of God. Amen”

Tuesday, January 2, 2018

A New Change for 2018 - Beth Moore's Memorize Galatians Challenge

Hi there,
I was checking my FB page and saw that Beth Moore is starting a new challenge for 2018, memorize the book of Galatians. When I saw that, my first thought was,"YES!" I know it is quite the challenge. I watched Beth's video and she states that this should take about 18 months minimum and I agree. It is quite a wordy book of the bible and just studying a book in 4 weeks is tough! At least that was my experience with the book of 2nd Corinthians.
I have decided to post about 4-5 verses from Galatians each week and those will be my Verse of the Week feature for 2018.  Additionally, the Psalm of the Week feature will be dropped in 2018. However, the Psalm of the Week tab on the homepage will give you access to all of the previous posts.
This is a No-Fail Challenge - It is a Win-Win Challenge
Now, I am going to be honest with you. Memorization is tough for me and my recall has become intermittent. I am going to be happy to just study and practice reciting the verses from memory. If I don't get it memorized, I am not stressing at all because studying the bible is a win-win goal. You noticed I said, goal. Yes, it doesn't matter if you memorize the verses or not, what matters is that you try to reach that goal, but if you don't you are not failing anything. Are you with me? This is not a succeed or fail goal. This goal is a success just because you tried and studied the bible verses.

Ways to Help You Memorize and Study Bible Verses

  1. Auditory learners - Record the verses on your phone and play them back, or if you have a bible app that will read it to you, then use that. 
  2. Visual learners - Put the verses on 3x5 index cards or post it notes and put them on the dash of your car, the bathroom mirror, or other places you are going to spend time looking at them. 
  3. What works for me - Practice memorizing the verses in short phrases while making a visual picture of the words in your mind. Close your eyes while you visualize the words. 
  4. Ask the Holy Spirit to help you retain the verses.
  5. Study the verses by using a study bible with notes and a commentary. Then you will learn the background, context, and how to apply to verses to your life. I use an NIV discipleship bible and a NKJV study bible. Additionally, I use because this website has several bible commentaries, parallel bibles, Hebrew and Greek translations, and an app that you can download onto your phone. 

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