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I want to ask you to say this prayer out loud, if possible.

“I belong to God. I am a holy vessel because I have the Holy Spirit of the Living God. The Lord of Heaven and earth has said to me; “I declare you holy!”. I commit to start believing what He says. I AM HOLY! Remind me daily, Spirit of the Living God, to treat myself as holy, open my eyes to every scheme of The Enemy to treat me as if I'm not. You, God, are Holy. Your word is the truth. This day Father, I chose to believe you! I ask this in the mighty name of your son Jesus Christ, who died on a cross for me so that I could be a coheir to the kingdom of God. Amen”

Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Human Trafficking

A21 Campaign

At the Women of Faith conference (Sept. 2013), I heard Christine Caine speak about human trafficking and her organization, the A21 Campaign. The statistics and video grabbed my heart and impressed upon me the immediacy of this problem. Prayer has been my avenue to support the A21 Campaign.

 Freedom 43:19

Yesterday, At First Baptist Church of Owensville, I heard another speaker identify human trafficking as an immediate problem. The Missouri Baptist Children's Home has an affiliate program called Freedom 43:19 and I watched a short video about human trafficking.  Both speakers agreed upon one point. If there was no demand, there would be no problem. How sad that the demand has given rise to a billion dollar, world-wide industry.

 Human Trafficking is an Industry

More money is made by human trafficking than the combined income of Nike, Google, and Starbucks. Human trafficking is a world-wide industry. That boggles my mind. The most horrific fact is that the average victim is twelve to fourteen years old. Drugs, physical abuse, and sexual abuse are all a part of living in this type of servitude.

Human Trafficking is in Missouri

This issue isn't in some other country. It is a problem right here in Central Missouri. St. Louis, MO has a human trafficking issue. People just aren't aware of it. I spoke to my twenty-three year old daughter about this issue and she was shocked. Shocked about the fact that this is going on all around us. Remember the headlines this year? Three women were held in captivity by one man. In Lebanon, MO a young woman was caged  and held in bondage for sexual reasons. Occasionally, we hear about this issue on the news. However, yesterday's news quickly fades from our minds as we confront our own problems. I am guilty of this. Prayer is a solution all of us can take part in.

 Please Pray

Pray for the victims, pray for the abusers, pray for the workers who are trying to help these victims. Pray, Pray, Pray.

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